Role & Importance of Designs in eCommerce Mobile Apps

A successful e-commerce mobile app is the perfect combination of functionality, performance, user experience, and above all the design. A mobile app with complex agitation and cluttered design is likely to achieve failure in the long run as users are left guessing and often frustrated when they find it difficult to get what they’re planning to buy.

In today’s cutting-edge market, effective execution of design has made a drastic change in the fate of the app development world. A well-planned and appealing User Interface and User Experience gives your app a design that makes the app user-friendly. Be it an eCommerce app development or a simple publishing app, UI and UX define the basics of the mobile app developed.

What is UI & UX?

UX is the process of delivering a design for increased usability of the mobile app’s functionality, resulting in better user satisfaction while the UI is the complete feel and look of the mobile app. A successful mobile app is all about how user-friendly and enjoyable the interaction in the app is. The Magento mobile app must be appealing, alluring, and designed with a perfect balance between the User interface and User experience.

Important Aspects of UI/UX Design?

The mobile app must be designed with a balanced consistency of fonts, colors, symbols, icons, and buttons. The bright colors and legible fonts boost the usability of the app in terms of user-friendliness, allowing shoppers to navigate within the application. The balanced combination will also ensure a professional appearance of the business app. It also helps you stay consistent with the branding part.

The use of complicated styles or visual elements is a big “No” in the application. Using the distracting or complex visuals in the mobile app make the app difficult to understand, resulting in generating a limited fan or user base, which may decrease over the time.

A proficient UI/UX designer’s involvement who understands and covers all aspects of the design part that make it user-friendly and more usable. The app must allow users to easily understand the ongoing processes while they’re using the app. Take the instance of the app loading. If it is a simple white screen, the users may believe the mobile is lagged or app crashed. Displaying a simple app logo while app loading signifies that the content is loading. Professional Magento mobile app designers and developers consider and value the time of users.

You also have to understand the flow of the users that have to do with content and actions. This means your application should not comprise of only attractive designs. One very important thing your app should focus on is the ease it provides users in making their interaction with app pleasurable.

An eCommerce mobile app is much more than the engaging and exclusive designs. You must try to understand the flow of the users that have to do with the actions and the content. In fact, the mobile app flow is much bigger for the users and plays a vital role in the complete design.

When using the buttons, visual dues or toggles in your app, gradients, and shadows play an important role. The simple and engaging US is very useful for the users and makes it easy for them to navigate through the app. In fact, shadows and gradients are very much useful with using the 3D buttons for enhanced user engagement.


The perfect mobile app is the one that is designed in such a way that users need to put fewer efforts to understand and use the app. Better usability increases their interest in the app, encouraging them to recommend your Magento mobile app to their family and friends.

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