Magento Extensions & Ecommerce App Development


We offer a comprehensive range of Premium Magento Extensions and Magento Mobile App Development services to global eCommerce store owners according to their requirement. Our team aims at gratifying our clients by closely interacting with them to build a package of services that fit perfectly as per their needs. Wherever you are, our dedicated team is ready to provide you needed support and troubleshooting. With leading experience in the eCommerce development industry, we are proficient in delivering an unparalleled network of services. At OnGoBuyo, we offer a handful of services to help boost your business in the long run.

OnGoBuyo – Native Mobile App

When the world is making itself visible on internet, online shopping lags no behind. Failing to provide a mobile friendly solution may prove to be unfruitful for your business so it has become essential to put your ecommerce store in customer’s pocket. OnGoBuyo aids online merchants by converting their Magento store into an ecommerce mobile app thereby providing a personalized shopping experience to customers.

Why OnGoBuyo?

  • Supports cash on delivery option
  • Availability of featured products
  • Paypal integration
  • Simplifies shopping experience
  • Supports android
  • Raises issues if any
  • Notifies for alerts
  • Social integration
  • Categories banners
  • Displays product reviews
  • Abandoned cart push within 24 hours
  • Raises issue pop up for ending subscription
  • Exhibits recently viewed items
  • Rates the app

OnGoBuyo is a hassle free extension that saves loads of time. Plus, it assures a secure data when compared to other solutions. The extension turns your potential customers and convert them into sales. Your customers will definitely fall in love with your brand!

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Magento Extensions

Here are some proficient user-friendly Magento extensions that are adept at providing innovative, timely and cost-effective solution to the clients.

Technology has significantly transformed the way businesses started managing their customers and engage them. While e-commerce related software has been around for some time, there is a growing need for utilizing the mobile app for customer management. Undoubtedly, e-commerce industry is a force that no business owner can afford to ignore. In the overcrowded world of e-commerce, every business strives to get the smallest leg up on the competition.
Over the past decade, consumer’s buying behaviour has drastically altered. A number of customers buzz on the internet to find more about the product, compare prices, read reviews and then make the purchase. No brand can solely rely on their store and become successful in the market. E-commerce has become an integral channel for customers and business owners. SoftProdigy has consistently brought simple ways for brand owners to reach out potential customers and retain them with a wide assortment of multiple Magento extensions. SoftProdigy empowers online merchants to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences.
Magento is a user-friendly content management system offering advanced features that E-commerce can offer. SoftProdigy has always favoured Magento as it delivers marketing and stock management tools thereby satisfying the customers. The mobile-friendly platform allows store integration across multiple devices to work efficiently on handheld devices.

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Our team guarantees innovative solution for all your ecommerce needs to bring substantial benefits to customers.

In the digital scenario, you need to keep updating the way you do your business. Customers and business owners both expect relevant data to be available in real time and not when you get back to work at office. When you are urging to find an efficient way to keep eyes on your e-store without staring at the laptop, opt for MagTrack which is a complete solution for all your sale tracking needs. Mag track provides a comprehensive set of features to follow sales, order and stats. You can anytime get access to real-time Magento order status data, recent orders and bestsellers from your handset whenever you want. Now detailed reports are at your fingertips!
Whenever you log onto MagTrack, the overall updated data is displayed that awaits you on the dashboard. By bringing the relevant content to the frontend, MagTrack reduces the time consumed to monitor sales and related activities. In addition, you are free to build productive strategies to boost up your sales as MagTrack accords you with a detailed report of best sellers. Moreover, you can also view all Magento order status and their details even if you own plenty of orders. The unique Magento app allows you to immediately retrieve the list of order whenever needed.

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