Key Difference Between E-Commerce & M-Commerce

E-commerce and mobile commerce are the latest buzzes these days. Millions of people are buying products using online shopping websites and mobile apps. Everyone around the world is aware of these terms. You must have used either or both to purchase or sell goods and/or services. However, regardless of the growing popularity of online eCommerce and mCommerce, not many understand the difference between the two.

We understand the dilemma one may face due to the less information and hence bring to you the difference between eCommerce and mobile commerce.

Contrast Between E-commerce & Mobile Shopping

Although the names depict a lot about their difference, we’ve compiled a list of the price factors that may help you understand the concepts in detail.

They’re Different Concepts 

E-commerce and mobile commerce are both very much different concepts. The term e-commerce (also known as electronic commerce) refers to the process of online buying and selling products by employing electronic systems such as the internet. On the other hands, mobile commerce (m-commerce) a mobile app development refers to the process of purchasing and selling products or services through wireless handheld devices with Magento mobile apps.

M-Commerce Is Subset Of E-Commerce

We can also say that the e-commerce is a superset of m-commerce. We all know that mobile commerce is rapidly rising across the world. With more than 2.8 people using a smartphone, online store owners are also targeting the mobile owners to sell products.

Difference Between E-Commerce & M-Commerce

Experts in the online shopping industry claim that m-commerce will surpass or even replace e-commerce in the near future. Simply put m-commerce is an extension of e-commerce by selling the product with mobile apps.

Mobility Comparison 

You can’t carry your laptop or desktop with you while you travel or move outside. Of course, you can take your laptop, but using it can be quite tough. Smartphones, on the other hands, being smaller and lighter can be transported with ease and you cause them virtually anywhere, during shopping, traveling, watching a movie, at parties etc. This makes buying products easier with online shopping apps which means m-commerce is more convenient than e-commerce.

Different Requirements

Mobile devices are smaller, lighter, and smarter than the desktops and laptops.  The mobile websites, hence, need to be modified for m-commerce to be efficient as well as effective. A better mobile website or Magento mobile app allows online shoppers to explore products and make purchases easily regardless of their location. The web pages of mobile websites need to be light and contain essential content.

E-Commerce & M-Commerce

Leverage Different Kind of Devices

Earlier in the past, people would believe only the laptops and desktop devices to make purchases online. However, the mobile technology has changed everything. In the case of mobile commerce, handheld devices including cell phones, iPads, and tablets are employed.

Geographical Reach

E-commerce only works with the wired devices and at the locations where there are facilities of internet and electricity are available. On the other hands, mobile commerce works even in the absence of the internet. The Magento mobile app builder creates apps that work even with the lowest internet connectivity, meaning shopping process remains an ongoing and glitch-free process.

Now that you know the contrast between e-commerce and m-commerce, make better decisions to grow your retail business. If you are aiming for a particular country and a limited number of people, then investing in e-commerce website can be a great choice, but if your goal is bigger, then you must leverage the power of mobile technology for better and faster business growth.

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Top 6 Ways To Improve Mobile Shopping Experience For Customers

Huge billows are rising on the little screens with more than 2.8 billion people already having smartphones. Mobile commerce now accounts for one-third of the eCommerce sales globally and is likely to grow 3 times faster than the eCommerce sales on PC. Following this, a wide range of eCommerce app builder platforms developed Magento mobile shopping apps, but the conversion rates are significantly lower on mobile. The most common reason behind this is a not-so-user-friendly experience.

If your store conversions are lower on mobile devices, then it’s time to take the mobile conversion optimization seriously.

Let’s have a look at the checklist for a better mobile eCommerce shopping experience:

Thumb-Friendly E-commerce App

Using mobile devices is much different to the laptops or computer devices. Clicking on the small screens is like threading yarn through a tiny eye. For the developers, it is essential to make sure that the clickable buttons are thumb-friendly. Buttons like “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to Cart” should be big enough and prominently displayed. It is also important to ensure enough distance between the elements that are clickable to avoid involuntary clicks.


thumb friendly mobile app

Simplified Checkout In Online Shopping Apps

People love buying through mobile devices because they find it more convenient and if the checkout process on your Magento mobile app is a complex one, you’re sure to be left behind the competition. A lengthy and complex checkout process will scare your potential customers away. Allowing social media sign-in is additional support to enhance the shopping experience and to reduce the time required for the checkout and payment process. Remember to include just the must-have checkout steps and make the checkout simple, fast-loading, and easy-to-complete.

Magento Mobile App Builder With Fixed Navigation

Mobile buyers, as we all know, are apt to scroll fast which results in missing the important content. Fixed navigation helps resolve this problem as you can keep all the important information in sight. With users need not to scroll all the way up to the top to use navigation, this results in smoothening the user’s flow.


Simplified Checkout In Online Shopping Apps

Minimal Text Display

Minimize the text to the essentials only. For example, an ideal product page should include only the basic information such as the product name, product price, colors available, variations and a big call-to-action button. The less important components can be hidden under the collapsible menu. With the minimal usage of content, visitors can easily read the essential information about the product and proceed to the next step – checkout.

Infinite scrolling In Mobile Shopping Apps

It is a specific design pattern that allows shoppers to view all of the products of a category on a single web page. They need not wait for the web page to load as all the content loads at once. As users scroll down, the additional content is loaded into that category to display. It reduces the waiting time that otherwise would waste users’ time. Infinite scrolling helps enhance shopping experience as users can scroll down and quickly scan all products at once.


Magento Mobile App Builder With Fixed Navigation

Product Photography

Mobile browsing is a visual experience. This is the reason most Magento mobile app builder focus on making the eCommerce apps look visually appealing. Mobile shoppers largely depend on the visual appearance when making a decision to purchase products. This is why using premium quality images should be the first priority to engage more visitors and to convert them into buyers.

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Role & Importance of Designs in eCommerce Mobile Apps

A successful e-commerce mobile app is the perfect combination of functionality, performance, user experience, and above all the design. A mobile app with complex agitation and cluttered design is likely to achieve failure in the long run as users are left guessing and often frustrated when they find it difficult to get what they’re planning to buy.

In today’s cutting-edge market, effective execution of design has made a drastic change in the fate of the app development world. A well-planned and appealing User Interface and User Experience gives your app a design that makes the app user-friendly. Be it an eCommerce app development or a simple publishing app, UI and UX define the basics of the mobile app developed.

What is UI & UX?

UX is the process of delivering a design for increased usability of the mobile app’s functionality, resulting in better user satisfaction while the UI is the complete feel and look of the mobile app. A successful mobile app is all about how user-friendly and enjoyable the interaction in the app is. The Magento mobile app must be appealing, alluring, and designed with a perfect balance between the User interface and User experience.

Important Aspects of UI/UX Design?

The mobile app must be designed with a balanced consistency of fonts, colors, symbols, icons, and buttons. The bright colors and legible fonts boost the usability of the app in terms of user-friendliness, allowing shoppers to navigate within the application. The balanced combination will also ensure a professional appearance of the business app. It also helps you stay consistent with the branding part.

The use of complicated styles or visual elements is a big “No” in the application. Using the distracting or complex visuals in the mobile app make the app difficult to understand, resulting in generating a limited fan or user base, which may decrease over the time.

A proficient UI/UX designer’s involvement who understands and covers all aspects of the design part that make it user-friendly and more usable. The app must allow users to easily understand the ongoing processes while they’re using the app. Take the instance of the app loading. If it is a simple white screen, the users may believe the mobile is lagged or app crashed. Displaying a simple app logo while app loading signifies that the content is loading. Professional Magento mobile app designers and developers consider and value the time of users.

You also have to understand the flow of the users that have to do with content and actions. This means your application should not comprise of only attractive designs. One very important thing your app should focus on is the ease it provides users in making their interaction with app pleasurable.

An eCommerce mobile app is much more than the engaging and exclusive designs. You must try to understand the flow of the users that have to do with the actions and the content. In fact, the mobile app flow is much bigger for the users and plays a vital role in the complete design.

When using the buttons, visual dues or toggles in your app, gradients, and shadows play an important role. The simple and engaging US is very useful for the users and makes it easy for them to navigate through the app. In fact, shadows and gradients are very much useful with using the 3D buttons for enhanced user engagement.


The perfect mobile app is the one that is designed in such a way that users need to put fewer efforts to understand and use the app. Better usability increases their interest in the app, encouraging them to recommend your Magento mobile app to their family and friends.

How to Create Your Free Magento Mobile App?

Thanks to the increasing involvement of smartphones in daily lives, creating an eCommerce mobile app is no longer an option, but a necessity, for online shopping websites.

Studies reveal that mobile commerce is expected to make up to 45% of the total e-commerce sales amounting to $284 billion by 2020. In the United States alone, mobile commerce is expected to be equal to 50% of total online shopping by 2017.

While investing in a Magento mobile app is mandatory to compete harder, the startups and small businesses may feel the app development costs as the unwanted burden. It is, hence, smart to create your own free e-commerce mobile app to cater to the growing mobile traffic and to break into the mobile commerce space.

Not convinced yet? Let’s know e-commerce app development benefits!

  • Mobile apps are 1.5 times faster than mobile websites
  • Personalized content according to users’ preferences
  • Instant online and offline access by a tap
  • Code an app utilizing various features of a native device
  • Push notifications and instant updates
  • Your mobile application becomes your brand ambassador
  • Expand your target audience reach easily by reducing marketing costs
  • Optimize app on app stores to rank higher with dynamic success metrics

Okay! But I’m Not a Developer, How Do I Get an App?

In order to create your own Magento mobile app, you need not be a professional developer, having expertized in iOS or Android development technology. You have two solutions available – hire a Magento app developer or find an m-commerce mobile app builder. Hiring a professional developer may seem a much better task, but it is usually extremely expensive. On the other hands, using the mobile app builder is the less expensive one, allowing you with each technical problems and possible updates.

And with a developer, you’d need to wait for 2-3 months for a simple mobile app that may be ready to launch within 48 hours with a mobile app builder platform. Remember that mobile app development is not a one-time process and needs regular updates and changes, and hence cost should be saved as much as possible for the future changes. Because of this reason, using the best mobile app builder suits the needs of startups or small businesses, having the low budget for app development.

Step 1: Set a Goal

Forget about the technology. Get a pen and paper to define what it is you want to accomplish. This step should not include the complex coding or designing. Just answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your app?
  • How will it simplify the users/ lives?
  • What is your target audience?
  • How will you market your app?

Step 2: Sketch Your Idea

Again take a pen and paper to write down the answer to the questions about app’s purpose. Sketch the clear ideas into visual representations of your thoughts. Decide if it’s going to be a free or paid app. Since it’s going to be an eCommerce mobile app, make sure it’s free to download.

Step 3: Research, Research, And Research Some More

Since you’re going to use the mobile app builder to create your own eCommerce Magento mobile app, make sure to look for the best app builders to convert your Magento store into a fully-functional app. Read the competition’s reviews to know what people like or dislike about the apps of your competitors. Use this information to your advantage. Now, move back to your app sketch to modify and adjust your idea accordingly.

Step 4: Connect With Mobile App Builder

Now that you have a better understanding of your project, this is the time to connect with the best Magento mobile app builder available. These app builders usually follow the same process. You need to:

  • Register your brand on the app builder website
  • Choose the package (Free or paid)
  • Share your company details
  • Install mobile app builder connector
  • Get your app
  • Publish on app stores

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to take the stress of going through the above-mentioned steps, you should find a mobile commerce app development platform that helps you in each stage. These platforms give you the freedom to create your app without a line of coding. All you have to do is to follow the steps given by the mobile app builder and you get the app within a few days.

Ramadan Offers on Magento Mobile App Development

The holy month of Ramadan is here and everyone seems to be already geared up for the amazing discount offers available. Every year, Ramadan month proves to be the best-selling month across the world, making it the right time for online shopping platforms to be ready to attract more buyers online.

With millions of people using smartphones around the world, converting your store into a mobile brings great opportunities to double your sales this Ramadan.

OnGoBuyo brings to you a set of lucrative offers on Magento mobile app development to make your store ready for this Ramadan:

20% Discount on App Development

Free App with Home Page Customization

Yes, it’s not just one Discount Offer you get on this Ramadan, but a set of two. Whether you are an established brand or just entered the online shopping market, this offer proves to be a great opportunity to get your own Magento mobile app and double your sales for this festival season.

At OnGoBuyo, we understand your concerns to grab quick discounts, so we have made the deal a bit easier with no use of “Discount Coupon.” Anyone interested in the Ramadan App Discount Offers, can gran the deal without using a coupon. Simply visit the OnGoBuyo website to grab the deal as it is already live now.

This is a limited-time offer, and won’t last too long. The great “Ramadan Offer” is available only till during the Ramadan Month.

No dirty games involved for the deal as we believe in total transparency and customer relationships. No features are removed or no additions are done for the offer. It’s the same OnGoBuyo Magento app development that you’d get at a higher price without the Ramadan offer.

Do ahead and grab the Ramadan App Development offers with OnGoBuyo to make your store ready for the shoppers who are always exploring and buying products with their mobile devices.

Tips to Create Your Sales Funnel With Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds, and Facebook lead ads are the most effective way to build your own sales funnel. Facebook Lead Generation Ads serve as another way for global businesses and marketers to connect with customers who are about to make a purchase.

As you open your Facebook timeline, you come across various ads selling online courses, video tutorials, books, and other types of digital products. However, with the growing popularity, competition is also getting fierce for the digital retailers. This is why, opting for the more specific audience helps improve sales funnel to capture, attract and convert strangers into customers.

In this article, we share some in-depth information on what exactly Facebook Lead Ads are, how they work, and how to build your sales funnel using Facebook Lead Ads for more sales.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads

In the 2015, Facebook rolled out an efficient platform for the marketers to run lead generation campaigns on the leading social media platform. Facebook Lead Generation Ads allow users to express their interest in a particular business offering by filling out a form. The users need to provide some personal contact information such as phone number, email address, name, etc.

Similar to the one-step checkout process, the Facebook Lead Ads should be short and engaging. Think about a form on a mobile device. No one would want to spend hours on providing countless contact details while they’re browsing on mobile. Facebook Lead ads make the registration quite easy for mobile users, Most of the details are auto-filled such as email addresses and other contact information.


How sales funnels help to save money

How to Create Effective Sales Funnel With Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are the most affordable, effective, and reliable way to promote products, best suitable for small and medium-scale businesses. You have option to choose your target audience and customize your leads forms to match with your business needs. Its customization feature makes it an easier way to build your sales funnel with quality leads. Not just this allows to target the specific audience, but also the contact information can be used to create custom promotional campaigns with those who have already filled out a lead ad form.

Newsletter Subscription Ads

Once you have the contact details of your target audience, it is easier to approach them to promote your brand and get more newsletter subscription as they are vulnerable. Your target audience has already expressed interest in your brand and would like to know more about your industry news and updates. Use a “Subscribe” button to invite potential customers to register for newsletter by providing the information like you’ve already provided.

Ecommerce Advertising

Online shopping stores have a lot of discount offers, coupons and special offers available for the potential buyers, but they simply don’t want to fill their websites with such banners for lead generation. Instead of publishing multiple discount offer banners on your website, allow target Facebook users to fill out the lead form right on Facebook. No matter if the avail the offer or not, you still have advantage to use this information for your marketing funnel.

The best quote, from anywhere, ever, is from Massimo here at AdEspresso:

“People don’t go to Facebook to make decisions. They go to Facebook to avoid making decisions.”

That means with Facebook advertising, you’re NOT fulfilling a desire. Most people using the platform have no idea who you are, why you’re awesome, or why they need to pay attention.

Interest Level Forms

Some online shopping businesses launch campaigns to find out if a market has a scope for their products or services. Use these Facebook Lead Generation Ads to identify the demand of your products or services in a certain geographic location. Customize your lead forms to organize potential customers in a variety of ways and to narrow down your target audience to create a better sales funnel.

Bottom Line

Facebook Lead Ads are the great way to ensure better brand promotion and to attract more potential customers. When launching a campaign over Facebook, make sure asking the right questions on lead generation form to ultimately build a better sales funnel.

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6 Tips To Grow your Business With E-commerce Mobile App

Nowadays, smartphones are everywhere and people of all age groups are using them for various reasons such as communication, researching, entertainment, and of course shopping. For the small eCommerce businesses, aiming to rise above the competitors, developing a custom Magento mobile app is the smartest choice as smartphones are the prime face of customer engagement. It doesn’t really matters what products you are offering, if your business is able to deliver better user experience via mobile application, your business is ready to do wonders in revenue graph.

So, if you are using the same old traditional website as a marketing tool and not a fully-loaded Magento mobile app. then you’re missing the massive number of your customers.

Let’s explore the benefits of creating a mobile app with mobile app builder or a developer.

Better Customer Relationships

We all know more customers prefer exploring products and buying through their smartphones. If you have not yet developed an app for your eCommerce store, your customers may be facing problem in browsing your website on mobile. With the help of an app, customers get more engage and begin to have more knowledge about your products. Encouraging customers to keep coming back for more is much easier with an engaging app.

Better Business Ordering

The sole aim of a native eCommerce mobile app development services is to fit in the unique businesses as your requirements. Custom mobile apps are tailored according to your particular business, industry, and target audience which helps improve the productivity and user engagement, resulting in higher ROI (return of revenue) as much as possible.

Code Potency

Another great reason to invest in the Magento mobile app is the code potency, which can be ensured by hiring the right technology partner for best application development services to the business firms. When developing an app, make sure to integrate the unique functionalities using customization, which might increase the price of the app development, but there is nothing better than something that supports increased user engagement.

Better Security

For an online shopping business firm, there is nothing worse than breach into the data. One such incident can result in a great loss to your business while making customers think twice when buying from you the next time. The customized native Magento mobile apps are completely developed and designed for your business while ensuring the security is given a deep importance. Custom apps ensure the data is associated with your business is completely safe and secured from any unauthorized access.


The greatest reasons why online shopping businesses prefer investing in the mobile apps is they allow buyers to enjoy shopping on the go. No matter where they are or what they are doing, buying products through an app is always possible even when the minimum network level as custom mobile apps are designed for it. It is a fact – you cannot win the hearts without an app.

Competitive Advantage

Apart from the other factors and reasons, it is extremely important for eCommerce businesses to develop an app to stay in the market and keep a competitive approach. Magento mobile apps allow businesses to achieve the competitive advantage by 25% more. With an app, you are likely to grow your sales by 25% than the present, resulting to stay amongst different business.


The custom Magento mobile app development is the latest trend, allowing businesses to get connected with the buyers for enhanced growth and productivity of their businesses. Whether you are a small or an established brand, developing an app is a must for expanding your eCommerce business. Custom mobile apps are the best choice if you want the best effectively and efficiency then.

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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile App

Mobile commerce is the fastest growing trend among global shoppers. With the increasing number of more people using mobile devices for internet browsing and product purchases, shopping through online shopping apps will change the future of the online shopping world. Since mobile app testing is the most crucial step of the entire development process, it’s important to put a special emphasis on it. A surprising fact about app development process is nearly 20% of apps are never used after being used once.
The number of shopping apps is increasing quickly. It your app has the right look and great products but doesn’t live up to expectations as they scale, users are more likely to dump your app and switch to a competitor. Testing is the only way to ensure your app works well and meets users’ expectations. As you perform the process of Mobile app testing, these few common mistakes things must be avoided:

Testing Without Detailed Information

Testing an app is more than just going through the pages and the checkout process. Magento mobile app testers are responsible to ensure a flawless browsing and shopping experience of the app users. The testers must have in-depth knowledge of the app, its functionalities, and business logic. Mobile app must be updated whenever an update is available from the platform. This allows the testers to ensure the better user flows in the app while ensuring the app performs optimally and as per core business requirements.

Testing Without a Strategy

Similar to the Magento mobile app development, its testing should be also done with a perfect strategy. App developers should not expect bug reports after the app is launched. The strategy is one of the most powerful factors in ensuring the success of the app and its proper functioning. Testers, while developing an app testing strategy, must consider the important factors such as the target market, user experience, region, and network coverage. App testing strategy shows company’s professional and professional integrity and commitment to its customers.

Ignoring the Sophistication Involved

It’s quite common among the global mobile app testers to run through the process of app testing without arming themselves with the basic working and functionality of the app. App testing is not all about swapping pages or going through the product listing pages. An important thing to keep in mind before testing is to have the requisite knowledge of the chief functionality and what users actually expect from it. This allows app testers to develop a wide coverage for all the intricacies in need of testing.

No Multi-Device Testing

We all know the mobile technology is growing at a supersonic speed and new models of mobiles are launched daily. Each of them has different specifications and screen sizes. Hence, it is important to test the online shopping apps on the various OS versions and devices that will be used by your users. Of course, it’s not possible to test on all the available devices, so it’s good to profile your user base as much as you can. When you conduct an analysis of who your users are, you’re more likely to find over 90% of your users use the same device.

Testing App like a Web Page

Before you start testing an app, it is pertinent to remember that the mobile apps are different to websites. And the most common difference between them is that the apps are used on small devices that are operated using Android or iOS platforms. Mobile Operating Systems are updated regularly, so you must be testing the app on an old device after only a few months. Hence, make sure you don’t follow the web testing approach as the web browsers are updated after years.

Bottom line

The objective of testing a Magento mobile app is to deliver better user experience. Therefore, it is important for the testers to avoid common mistakes to ensure the app delivers expected experience every time a visitor is using your app.

Top Tips to Steal Your Competitors’ Customers

There is competition in almost every industry. And since the eCommerce is growing at a supersonic speed, more brands are emerging at local, national, and international levels, making it the most competitive industry ever. Competitors try different methods to win customers of the leaders to be on the top. Sometimes they succeed but sometimes they lag behind.

Being an online retailer, you would want to know the best methods to steal your competitors’ customers. And I’ve gathered the most efficient ways through which you can get the victory in your mission.

Focused Brand Name

If you are serious about the future of your venture, you must have a brand name. If still you don’t have a brand name, then get one that is more focused and relevant to your industry. Some may want to use names that feel or spell just like the leading brands, but it can lead to great disaster. Customers will end up considering you as a fake platform, selling fake products. Define your niche well before selecting a brand name.

Launch Quality Products

Make use of the Analytics of competitors. Focus on products that are prevailing the most and launch the most effective and cheap products than the one already in market by your competitor. This gives your buyers a reason to purchase from you. Target the places where your competitor market the product and engage the customers to the product. Share push notifications through eCommerce mobile app. More your competitor customers know about your product and read about it, more they will get engaged with you.

Listen to Rumors

For the emerging brands, aiming to be on the top, it is important not just to stay aware about the industry trends but also to know everything about their rivals. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open to catch every conversation about the competitors. Sometimes, even a nonesense talk can be beneficial. So, try to indulge with their clients, and invite them in parties and special events as well.

Make Way to Their Pockets

No matter what products you are selling online, it is always important to target the people who are buying through mobile devices. Since 70% people prefer buying through compact devices, it is important to invest in a mobile app. Hire a cheap Magento app development company to create your own robust mobile app to attract more buyers. And if your competitor is not having an app, it is a golden chance for you to create your own first as people love the convenience offered by the mobile apps.

Unsatisfied Customers are Easy Targets

Not only the happy customers contribute to your competitors’ success, but unhappy customers also have a great role. Unhappy customers are always the easy targets as there are some reasons due to which their needs were not met. In such conditions, they start finding new places. Make sure you welcome them with open hands and treat them as they were made for you. It will build trust between the customers and your brand and very soon they will be one of your loyal customers.

Offer More Discounts

Always keep an eye on the competitors and their marketing strategies. Offering better pricing on products is not only the solution, but also you may want to beat their discount offers as well. Try providing their consumers the same products but at low rates. Get wide support of their customers by engaging them in Quizzes and Prizes.

All the above-mentioned tips help you steal your competitors’ customers. All you want to do is to know how to start and end well with effectively results. Make sure you stay focused on your traffic and your niche. If you succeed in creating your own brand, nobody can win against you.

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