Terms & Conditions

The below-mentioned terms and conditions will be deemed to have been accepted by the user on using ongobuyo.com website a best Magento mobile app development company. You are kindly requested to read them carefully before utilizing the services of the website.


OnGoBuyo holds the copyright of the software on this website. Redistribution, copying, illegal publication of any product without OnGoBuyo’s permission is strictly prohibited. Any part of the code or other product or website found being used by anyone with our conscious is a punishable offence. In addition, no source code will be provided from our end regarding OnGoBuyo.

Package Updation

OnGoBuyo is regularly updated in order to meet specific user requirements or make it compatible with the latest versions of Magento and other mobile platforms. Anyone who purchases a package from OnGoBuyo will obtain the updated version for free.


OnGoBuyo offers Lifetime support for all its products and services that we offer. The support service includes providing relevant solutions to customer’s problems, fixing bug/error to ensure that everything is working well. In case of query, you are free to drop a message to us anytime with your name and email address.


Customers are bound to pay the price as mentioned on the OnGoBuyo website. Payment is made on annual basis. We have availability of three packages: Basic Package, Silver Package and Gold Package. You can further view pricing detail by selecting a suitable package from our website. Feel free to contact us anytime in order to upgrade your package.

Cancellation and Renewal

There is no refunding scheme for OnGoBuyo package cancellation. You can only unsubscribe once you reach the agreement term. Plus, there exist an option of manual renewal or automatic renewal of the subscription. In the case of auto renewal, user subscription shall be automatically renewed for an additional period equal to the expiration term.

Alterations in Terms and Conditions

All the above-mentioned terms and conditions are subject to change. OnGoBuyo completely reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions whenever required. If there are any significant changes made, we will notify them.