Things That May Be Stopping Your Consumers Buying From You

If you sell online, you’ll understand the feeling!

Every day you check your Magento store or Magento mobile app if your sales curve magically hit the roof. The chances are you’re not seeing any improvement or spike-out-of-nowhere you’ve always dreamed of… by why?

Because the eCommerce marketplace is bigger than ever before, most of everyone’s visitors don’t convert. On average 68% of eCommerce customers abandon their shopping carts.

As an online retailer, you need to understand what’s stopping your customers buying from your store. But, before you start solving problems of your consumers, make sure you solve your own problem first. Understand what’s affecting your shoppers’ buying experience and stopping them buying from you.

Your Images are Too Small

Try putting yourself into the buyers’ shoes. Would you ever like to purchase a product that is hardly visible in the image? Because online shoppers have to rely upon the images and trust on the retailer when buying a product, it’s good to make sure your images are of highest quality and using professional photos can have a demonstrable effect on increasing your sales.

Professional and certified Magento developers can enable these bigger images in your store – like the 360° product images you’ve seen on various leading websites. Better images make the product feel more real and customers feel more confident.

They Don’t Trust Your Website

According to researchers, nearly 70% of online shoppers that abandon their shopping carts because of lack of trust. Today, because the eCommerce is more than ever before the consumers trust only on the reliable brands like Nike, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

The best way to establish trust for your brand and increase more sales is by growing your community. If your brand is untrustworthy, people won’t trade with you. Growing your following and creating a stronger reputation helps you build the trust that can’t be just bought.

Reach out to consumers via social media and engage your crowd while increasing your brand presence.

Your Website isn’t Responsive

Smartphones are everywhere and this compact device can’t be underestimated when it comes to eCommerce business. Nearly 80% of internet users own a smartphone. If you’re not having a responsive website then you’re already missing out on large perspective buyers.

It’s quite hard to nurture for an online business with non-responsive website. A difficult-to-understand and slow-loading website temps your customers towards competitor sites which offer a better shopping experience.

Having a Magento mobile app is a jackpot and lets you sell faster while allowing online buyers to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

There’s No Option To Checkout As Guest

The worst part of online shopping that every online shopper hates is the registration and long checkout process. Nearly 23% of buyers abandon their cart if they need to create a user account to complete checkout. There’s nothing better than allowing them to checkout as guest. Sending an email to get registered according to the convenience of time.

This functionality enables your new customers to buy anyway without having to create an account first.

No One’s Measuring Your Conversions

For an online shopping business, it’s important to understand the audience to solve their problems, help them, and alleviate their concerns. If there’s no one measuring your store’s conversion, and looking for small changes that do improve your conversions, it’s still really just guesswork.

Hiring a dedicated user experience analyst can be the best choice you can make for your business. A dedicated professional can give your business the ability to spot areas that may be changed in your store and to open up your store’s potential for growth.

The Bigger Picture

Above mentioned are a few considerations that can make an impact on increasing sales for your online store. However, there are many more things that make up the bigger picture in ecommerce. The range start from establishing greater cost transparency to single-page testing.

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