Tips to Create Your Sales Funnel With Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds, and Facebook lead ads are the most effective way to build your own sales funnel. Facebook Lead Generation Ads serve as another way for global businesses and marketers to connect with customers who are about to make a purchase.

As you open your Facebook timeline, you come across various ads selling online courses, video tutorials, books, and other types of digital products. However, with the growing popularity, competition is also getting fierce for the digital retailers. This is why, opting for the more specific audience helps improve sales funnel to capture, attract and convert strangers into customers.

In this article, we share some in-depth information on what exactly Facebook Lead Ads are, how they work, and how to build your sales funnel using Facebook Lead Ads for more sales.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads

In the 2015, Facebook rolled out an efficient platform for the marketers to run lead generation campaigns on the leading social media platform. Facebook Lead Generation Ads allow users to express their interest in a particular business offering by filling out a form. The users need to provide some personal contact information such as phone number, email address, name, etc.

Similar to the one-step checkout process, the Facebook Lead Ads should be short and engaging. Think about a form on a mobile device. No one would want to spend hours on providing countless contact details while they’re browsing on mobile. Facebook Lead ads make the registration quite easy for mobile users, Most of the details are auto-filled such as email addresses and other contact information.


How sales funnels help to save money

How to Create Effective Sales Funnel With Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are the most affordable, effective, and reliable way to promote products, best suitable for small and medium-scale businesses. You have option to choose your target audience and customize your leads forms to match with your business needs. Its customization feature makes it an easier way to build your sales funnel with quality leads. Not just this allows to target the specific audience, but also the contact information can be used to create custom promotional campaigns with those who have already filled out a lead ad form.

Newsletter Subscription Ads

Once you have the contact details of your target audience, it is easier to approach them to promote your brand and get more newsletter subscription as they are vulnerable. Your target audience has already expressed interest in your brand and would like to know more about your industry news and updates. Use a “Subscribe” button to invite potential customers to register for newsletter by providing the information like you’ve already provided.

Ecommerce Advertising

Online shopping stores have a lot of discount offers, coupons and special offers available for the potential buyers, but they simply don’t want to fill their websites with such banners for lead generation. Instead of publishing multiple discount offer banners on your website, allow target Facebook users to fill out the lead form right on Facebook. No matter if the avail the offer or not, you still have advantage to use this information for your marketing funnel.

The best quote, from anywhere, ever, is from Massimo here at AdEspresso:

“People don’t go to Facebook to make decisions. They go to Facebook to avoid making decisions.”

That means with Facebook advertising, you’re NOT fulfilling a desire. Most people using the platform have no idea who you are, why you’re awesome, or why they need to pay attention.

Interest Level Forms

Some online shopping businesses launch campaigns to find out if a market has a scope for their products or services. Use these Facebook Lead Generation Ads to identify the demand of your products or services in a certain geographic location. Customize your lead forms to organize potential customers in a variety of ways and to narrow down your target audience to create a better sales funnel.

Bottom Line

Facebook Lead Ads are the great way to ensure better brand promotion and to attract more potential customers. When launching a campaign over Facebook, make sure asking the right questions on lead generation form to ultimately build a better sales funnel.

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