Top 6 Ways To Improve Mobile Shopping Experience For Customers

Huge billows are rising on the little screens with more than 2.8 billion people already having smartphones. Mobile commerce now accounts for one-third of the eCommerce sales globally and is likely to grow 3 times faster than the eCommerce sales on PC. Following this, a wide range of eCommerce app builder platforms developed Magento mobile shopping apps, but the conversion rates are significantly lower on mobile. The most common reason behind this is a not-so-user-friendly experience.

If your store conversions are lower on mobile devices, then it’s time to take the mobile conversion optimization seriously.

Let’s have a look at the checklist for a better mobile eCommerce shopping experience:

Thumb-Friendly E-commerce App

Using mobile devices is much different to the laptops or computer devices. Clicking on the small screens is like threading yarn through a tiny eye. For the developers, it is essential to make sure that the clickable buttons are thumb-friendly. Buttons like “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to Cart” should be big enough and prominently displayed. It is also important to ensure enough distance between the elements that are clickable to avoid involuntary clicks.


thumb friendly mobile app

Simplified Checkout In Online Shopping Apps

People love buying through mobile devices because they find it more convenient and if the checkout process on your Magento mobile app is a complex one, you’re sure to be left behind the competition. A lengthy and complex checkout process will scare your potential customers away. Allowing social media sign-in is additional support to enhance the shopping experience and to reduce the time required for the checkout and payment process. Remember to include just the must-have checkout steps and make the checkout simple, fast-loading, and easy-to-complete.

Magento Mobile App Builder With Fixed Navigation

Mobile buyers, as we all know, are apt to scroll fast which results in missing the important content. Fixed navigation helps resolve this problem as you can keep all the important information in sight. With users need not to scroll all the way up to the top to use navigation, this results in smoothening the user’s flow.


Simplified Checkout In Online Shopping Apps

Minimal Text Display

Minimize the text to the essentials only. For example, an ideal product page should include only the basic information such as the product name, product price, colors available, variations and a big call-to-action button. The less important components can be hidden under the collapsible menu. With the minimal usage of content, visitors can easily read the essential information about the product and proceed to the next step – checkout.

Infinite scrolling In Mobile Shopping Apps

It is a specific design pattern that allows shoppers to view all of the products of a category on a single web page. They need not wait for the web page to load as all the content loads at once. As users scroll down, the additional content is loaded into that category to display. It reduces the waiting time that otherwise would waste users’ time. Infinite scrolling helps enhance shopping experience as users can scroll down and quickly scan all products at once.


Magento Mobile App Builder With Fixed Navigation

Product Photography

Mobile browsing is a visual experience. This is the reason most Magento mobile app builder focus on making the eCommerce apps look visually appealing. Mobile shoppers largely depend on the visual appearance when making a decision to purchase products. This is why using premium quality images should be the first priority to engage more visitors and to convert them into buyers.

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