Top Rules of Engagement in Mobile App Development

Running an eCommerce business is all about winning the battle for the hearts and minds, which is not an easy task. The competition is stronger than ever before and buyers are smart now. Mobile users are always on the go, they show no mercy and give no quarter to the apps that fail to engage them. When developing a Magento mobile app, it’s real important to understand the competition. It’s the real world which competes for their attention.

Remember that mobile users are quite different to those who’re exploring products on their desktop computers in quite library rooms. Mobile users are smart, fast, and dynamically active and involved with the world. Whatever you sell, the app you design should engage an easily distracted person who habitually multitask with their environment.

Following these three rules of user engagement in your eCommerce to avoid your app join the countless other app casualties buried deep and forgotten within their mobile devices.

Keep the design clean & simple

None of us would want to open an online shopping app that displays thousands of promotional ads or unarranged products. An uncluttered, intuitive and attractive app is all we love. Ease of simplicity of use empowers the users. Clean and simple apps make users feel the comfort as they want to effortlessly use the app for the purpose for which it was designed. Remember, if the app is not engaging enough, it will fail to have their attention as people today are multitasking.

Design for the user

When developing the online shopping apps, make sure its design doesn’t get affected with your particular preferences. Think like a user and develop the app that users would want to try again and again. If you’re not an avid user of the app type you are designing or are unaware of the tastes of users, you must do some research.

Spend some time on understanding what type of apps are trending and what’s common in them. Make sure to get something unique to the table. Study user reviews of similar apps and pay attention to detailed reviews. This not only will tell you what works and what doesn’t, but also helps you have an insight into the psychology of the mobile users. Look for the factors that influence their reactions or lack of reaction to an app.

Make the app fast & responsive

As I mentioned above, mobile users are always on the go, show no mercy to the apps that are less engaging. And when it comes to user engagement, speed and performance takes the front seat as users appreciate apps that are fast and engaging. People today are quite impatient and the patience of people is directly proportional to the amount of time they have on their hands. If fails to maintain the speed, users may think the app is broken. This will lead them to uninstall the app and download another one, which may be of your competitors’.


Mobile app is the latest trend in online shopping marketplace with millions of people already using smartphones and nearly 70% of the mobile users preferring buying via compact devices. Whatever you sell online, make sure to design the Magento mobile app keeping your target audience in mind in order to achieve maximum user engagement and download rate.