Top Tips to Steal Your Competitors’ Customers

There is competition in almost every industry. And since the eCommerce is growing at a supersonic speed, more brands are emerging at local, national, and international levels, making it the most competitive industry ever. Competitors try different methods to win customers of the leaders to be on the top. Sometimes they succeed but sometimes they lag behind.

Being an online retailer, you would want to know the best methods to steal your competitors’ customers. And I’ve gathered the most efficient ways through which you can get the victory in your mission.

Focused Brand Name

If you are serious about the future of your venture, you must have a brand name. If still you don’t have a brand name, then get one that is more focused and relevant to your industry. Some may want to use names that feel or spell just like the leading brands, but it can lead to great disaster. Customers will end up considering you as a fake platform, selling fake products. Define your niche well before selecting a brand name.

Launch Quality Products

Make use of the Analytics of competitors. Focus on products that are prevailing the most and launch the most effective and cheap products than the one already in market by your competitor. This gives your buyers a reason to purchase from you. Target the places where your competitor market the product and engage the customers to the product. Share push notifications through eCommerce mobile app. More your competitor customers know about your product and read about it, more they will get engaged with you.

Listen to Rumors

For the emerging brands, aiming to be on the top, it is important not just to stay aware about the industry trends but also to know everything about their rivals. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open to catch every conversation about the competitors. Sometimes, even a nonesense talk can be beneficial. So, try to indulge with their clients, and invite them in parties and special events as well.

Make Way to Their Pockets

No matter what products you are selling online, it is always important to target the people who are buying through mobile devices. Since 70% people prefer buying through compact devices, it is important to invest in a mobile app. Hire a cheap Magento app development company to create your own robust mobile app to attract more buyers. And if your competitor is not having an app, it is a golden chance for you to create your own first as people love the convenience offered by the mobile apps.

Unsatisfied Customers are Easy Targets

Not only the happy customers contribute to your competitors’ success, but unhappy customers also have a great role. Unhappy customers are always the easy targets as there are some reasons due to which their needs were not met. In such conditions, they start finding new places. Make sure you welcome them with open hands and treat them as they were made for you. It will build trust between the customers and your brand and very soon they will be one of your loyal customers.

Offer More Discounts

Always keep an eye on the competitors and their marketing strategies. Offering better pricing on products is not only the solution, but also you may want to beat their discount offers as well. Try providing their consumers the same products but at low rates. Get wide support of their customers by engaging them in Quizzes and Prizes.

All the above-mentioned tips help you steal your competitors’ customers. All you want to do is to know how to start and end well with effectively results. Make sure you stay focused on your traffic and your niche. If you succeed in creating your own brand, nobody can win against you.

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